命運的法則:無限交錯 1.0.14 APK

命運的法則:無限交錯 1.0.14 APK

8.0 (10723)Adventure, Games

App Information of 命運的法則:無限交錯

App Name 命運的法則:無限交錯 v1.0.14
Genre Adventure, Games
Size944.8 MB
Latest Version1.0.14
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Package Namecom.mover.zwfz
Rating 8.0 ( 10723 )

Description of 命運的法則:無限交錯




【造物法則正統續作 潘朵拉Z登場】

【音樂 x 岩垂德行(いわだれのりゆき) 擔綱BGM監製】

【角色 x toi8 參與部分人物設計】
日本著名繪師toi8(代表作:Fate/Grand Order 、鎖鏈戰記)參與部分人物角色設計。日系美學X精心繪畫,異世界美少女參上!細膩筆觸勾勒生動笑顏,獨特色彩點綴綺麗身姿,紅月之下與你邂逅,共度星界時光。

【世界觀 x 百萬字 打造無限劇情發展】

【玩法 x 正統JRPG 釣魚、探索、組隊、冒險】

【創新 x 手勢戰鬥 劃出專屬攻防策略】

【自由x 職業、技能自選 角色無限制培養】

【明星CV x 50位日本聲優 傾情演繹】


“When the light fades, the Lord of Frenzy is about to come…”
It comes from destruction and pushes the world to immortal and eternal silence

The prophecy that tells the end will be filled with the glow of the red moon
This time, can “destiny” be rewritten?

Present, past, future
Endless exploration and development of infinite possibilities
Following that ray of light, boundless hope, now comes

[Orthodox sequel to the Law of Creation  Pandora Z Appears]
Orthodox sequel to the law of creation! The game incorporates fantasy elements such as the legend of Atlantis and the myth of Cthulhu. With the main theater-style performances, nearly a hundred branches and eggs, it truly restores the immersive experience of the Japanese two-dimensional JRPG

[Music x Iwataru Dexing (いわだれのりゆき) acting as BGM producer]
Japanese heavyweight composer Tokuyuki Iwataru (representative works: fantasy simulation battle, Grantia, reversal referee) is the producer of the game’s soundtrack, and the melody of another world is played at this moment. Flowing here is the cicadas under the Crandor moon, the breeze outside of Makik, the solemn bell in the royal city, and the heart of steel beating for you!
※It is recommended to turn on the sound for the game, each city has its own theme music.

[Character x toi8 participates in some character design]
The famous Japanese painter toi8 (representative works: Fate/Grand Order, Chain Wars) participated in the design of some characters. Japanese aesthetics X meticulous painting, beautiful girls from different worlds participate! The delicate brushstrokes outline a vivid smile, and the unique colors embellish the gorgeous body. Under the red moon, I will meet you and spend time in the stars.

[World View x Million Words, Create Unlimited Plot Development]
In this star realm full of unknowns, magic and truth extend all kinds of possible events. You can talk to NPCs freely, but sometimes you are deceived by NPCs; you can choose the plot freely, and the people and things you encounter will be triggered randomly, branching out a diverse future. With a grand world view x a million-character original plot, in the “Astral Realm”, every branch line will extend a wonderful future!

[How to play x Orthodox JRPG fishing, exploration, teaming, adventure]
The whimsical space that can be traced, the real dreams that can be touched, and what is hidden in the core of the star realm is the orthodox JRPG experience! Fishing, exploring, teaming, adventurous… Do you want to be the ultimate brave man or a leisurely fishing master? Life in a different world with super high degree of freedom, an unlimited RPG experience, this is a kingly RPG game that travels to another world and then promotes the great wheel of history!

[Innovation x Gesture Combat to draw out exclusive offensive and defensive strategies]
A miracle of magic intertwined! Swipe specific symbols to cast skills! The unique gesture-casting settings make the battle more challenging and interesting. Position X gestures create a refreshing strike skill Combo. From the gorgeous battlefield blooming at your fingertips, the nirvana is launched between the lightning and the fire, marking your exclusive offensive and defensive strategy!

[Free x Occupation, Skills Optional  Unlimited Role Training]
When you crossed into the star realm, your talent skill is actually the “protagonist halo”? ! Brave, Guardian, Ranger, Magister, and Reciter, the five kingly professions can be transferred at will, and they can learn the skills of their professional partners freely, with multiple combinations of skills, unlimited training, and great strength!

[Star CV x 50 Japanese voice actors with passion]
Voice actor lineup (listed in no particular order): Kikimiya Rie/Okura Yui/Horie Yui/Tamura Yuri/Fukuyama Jun/Hidaka Rina/Sato Rina/Arai Rimi/Inoue Mika no Hana/Uesaka Miyoshi/Uehara Mikari/Takayanagi Chiba/Ishiguro Chihiro / Yuki Igarashi / Yuki Otani / Naoko Yasuda / Taketo Kawara / Iwai Emisato / Reinai Tosumi / Shinohara Yui / Yuzaki Kumi / Nakano Tesuke / Koga Kaoru / Masaoka Daisuke / Iinuma Nanshen / Kamazawa / Kumagai /Narazawa Taku/Nakajima Takuya/Suto Shina/Kamiyama Yuki/Yano Yika/Tokusuke Keisuke/Hasui Yuri

■This game is only available in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions, you will not be able to log in to the game in other regions
■The content of this game involves sex, violence, inappropriate language, and the characters in the game wear clothing that highlights the characteristics of the game. According to the game software classification management method, it is classified as supplementary 15 levels. People over 15 years old can use it.
■This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game
■Play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use time, avoid indulging in the game
1.冰雪女王-蒼藍·望海冰 覺醒!

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